Ethiopia Bids to Host Africa Cup of Nations, Prime Minister Announces

ADDIS ABABA — Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed announced today Ethiopia’s official bid to host the Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON), highlighting the nation’s preparations and aspirations to boost both its sports and tourism sectors.

According to Ethiopian News Agency, the decision to apply for hosting rights is part of a broader initiative to enhance Ethiopia’s international sports profile. He disclosed that discussions with the president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) have already taken place, aiming to fulfill the stringent requirements for hosting such a prestigious event. The Prime Minister expressed optimism about the positive impact that organizing the AFCON would have on Ethiopian football and the country’s tourism development.

The announcement was made during a friendly match with some of Africa’s football legends, who are visiting Ethiopia as part of the Shenen Africa Festival. Prime Minister Abiy emphasized the potential promotional benefits of this visit, as many of the players are well-known figures from the English Premier League and various European clubs.

In addition to sports, the Prime Minister also mentioned ongoing efforts across other areas, including horse riding, to bolster Ethiopia’s image globally. He referenced the significant influence of events like the Great Run, which have already helped to promote Ethiopia internationally.

The visit of these football legends also included participation in the Green Legacy project at Friendship Park, signifying their support for Ethiopia’s environmental initiatives. This meeting, which also involved Deputy Prime Minister Temesgen Tiruneh, included discussions with famous African artists, influencers, and designers, all gathered for the festival.

Burkina Faso Shines at Prytanée International Military Sports Committee Championship

TULA, RUSSIA — Burkina Faso athletes achieved remarkable success at the Prytanée International Military Sports Committee Championship held this Wednesday, securing multiple medals across various disciplines. The event showcased outstanding performances from the nation’s competitors.

According to Burkina Information Agency, This Wednesday, athletes from Burkina Faso clinched gold medals in both the men’s 400m and women’s 200m races, demonstrating their prowess on the international stage. The country also earned a silver medal in the men’s long jump, along with bronze medals in both the men’s and women’s long jump events, highlighting a broad spectrum of talent among the participants.

Kongoussi Radio Station Fosters Community Harmony Through Sports and Cultural Events

Kongoussi – Radio Notre Dame de l’Espérance in Kongoussi held events on June 22 and 23, 2024, aimed at promoting peace and social cohesion among various communities. The initiative featured a football tournament and a cultural fair, bringing together residents to celebrate diversity under the theme ‘Unity in diversity, it is wealth in fraternity.’

According to Burkina Information Agency, the football match on June 22 saw the Yarcé team defeat Benda 2-1, drawing a large crowd that exemplified the event’s goal of fostering joking kinship—a local form of social interaction based on playful teasing and camaraderie. The following day, the fair showcased cultural values of different communities, with several exhibitors participating.

Father Michel Sawadogo, the director of Radio Notre Dame de l’Espérance, expressed satisfaction with the turnout and the spirit of brotherhood at the events. Wenceslas Anselme WK Yoni, the regional director of Communication and Media for the North Centre and sponsor of the event, praised the initiative for its potential to enhance national unity and social cohesion.

Karim Ouédraogo, representing the High Commissioner of Bam province, highlighted the event’s blend of tradition and modernity as crucial for promoting peace in Burkina Faso. He commended the radio station for its ongoing efforts in education and training since its inception in January 2021.

Koupéla Hosts Successful Third Edition of Small Category Karate Tournament

Koupéla – The third edition of the Koupéla Small Category Karate Tournament concluded successfully on Sunday, June 23, 2024, showcasing the growing talents of young karatekas. Organized by the Ippon Karate Club and overseen by the High Commissioner of Kourittenga Province, Aissata Angélina Traoré, the event featured energetic demonstrations by participants that captivated attendees at the Koupéla Public Reading and Cultural Animation Center (CELPAC).

According to Burkina Information Agency, a 4th Dan black belt and a member of the Burkinabè Karate Federation, the tournament has seen a steady improvement in the quality and skills of the participants since its inception. “From the first to this third edition, the level of competition has continuously risen. It’s important that the competitors keep pushing themselves to achieve national recognition and win medals just like their peers,” Koidima noted during the event.

The event was also an opportunity for Master Iliassou Waongo, a 4th Dan black belt and head of the Ippon Karate Club, to express gratitude to those who supported the tournament. He emphasized the club’s commitment to advancing karate skills among the youth. “Our aim is lofty, and while we’ve achieved our goals for this edition, we are not stopping here,” he stated.

The High Commissioner Traoré praised the initiative, highlighting the role of such events in promoting both physical and mental development through sport. “This tournament not only showcases the talents of our young people but also trains them in holistic health—mental and physical,” she remarked, thanking the Burkinabè Karate Federation for endorsing the event.

The tournament concluded with the presentation of medals, T-shirts, trophies, and mobile phones to the winners, marking another milestone in promoting karate among the youth in Kourittenga.

Bogandé Marks Day of the African Child with Food Distribution and Football Finale

BOGANDÉ, Gnagna — The Day of the African Child was commemorated in Bogandé on Saturday, where children from disadvantaged families received food aid and participated in a football competition finale. The event, originally scheduled for an earlier date, took place in the commune of Bogandé, Gnagna province, and was hosted by the Child and Youth Development Centers (CDEJ) in collaboration with local evangelical churches.

According to Burkina Information Agency, president of the organizing committee, the celebration included speeches, performances, and the distribution of essential food supplies. A total of 60 bags of rice, each weighing 25 kilograms and collectively valued at 720,000 francs, were handed out to support children facing harsh family conditions. This year’s event theme, centered on the “Problem of protecting the rights of the family and the child in a context of security and humanitarian crises,” reflects the ongoing challenges in Burkina Faso.

Mahama Bassirou Zagré, head of the Solidarity department at the Provincial Directorate of Humanitarian Action, National Reconciliation, Gender and Family, emphasized the critical need for increased focus and action to protect children during these turbulent times. Additionally, children’s spokesperson Sonia Yebougou appealed for comprehensive support and heightened consideration for young victims of terrorism.

Pastor Fidel Tindano from the Assemblies of God church noted that the CDEJs currently support 1,300 children in Bogandé, with 1,191 enrolled in educational programs, highlighting the centers’ role in fostering holistic child development. Aldjima Lankoandé, the representative of the High Commissioner of Gnagna, praised the efforts of the NGO Compassion, which has been instrumental in establishing the CDEJs since 2015. He commended the initiative and called for greater involvement from all stakeholders to ensure special protection for children.

The commemorative activities concluded with the final match of a football competition, marking a festive end to the day’s events.