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UN: Widespread Violations in Burundi May Amount to Crimes Against Humanity

The Commission of Inquiry on Burundi accused the country of persistent and widespread violations of human rights, some of which it says constitute crimes against humanity.

The Commission presented its final report on the situation …

Nigeria’s Disasters Agency Says 100 People Killed in Floods

Floods in much of central and southern Nigeria have killed 100 people across 10 states, the country’s emergency and disasters agency said on Monday.

Such flooding tends to occur every year in the rainy season, …

Meet Captain South Africa; She’d Rather not Punch Criminals

The usual suspects � Wonder Woman, Spider-Man and Darth Vader � roamed at Comic Con Africa. A few African characters were also on display: Kwezi, Captain South Africa and Shaka Zulu.

The success of Marvel’s …

After Horrific Attack, Ethiopian Immigrant Rebuilds Her Life

On a chilly evening in February, SelamawitTefera left work and returned to the house she rented in Hyattsville, Maryland.

Selamawit, an Ethiopian immigrant, had arrived in the United States two years earlier. Back home, she …

Deputy President David Mabuza: 23rd Annual National Economic Development and Labour Council Summit

Address by Deputy President David DabedeMabuza, on the occasion of the 23rd Annual NEDLAC Summit at Saint Georges Conference Centre, Pretoria

Programme Director;

Ministers and Deputy Ministers;

President of Business Unity South Africa (BUSA);

Leaders …