Angola Advocates at UN for Lifting of US Embargo on Cuba

LUANDA – Angola made a formal appeal at the United Nations on Wednesday for the lifting of the longstanding economic, commercial, and financial embargo imposed by the United States on Cuba.

According to Angola Press News Agency, Francisco da Cruz, the sanctions not only breach fundamental human rights, such as the right to self-determination, but also hinder Cuba’s capacity to achieve an adequate standard of living amidst the current global economic and food crises, which necessitate a collective response and international cooperation.

Francisco da Cruz made these remarks during the General Assembly plenary meeting dedicated to discussing the “Need to End the Economic, Commercial, and Financial Embargo Imposed by the United States of America against Cuba,” as per a press release.

Da Cruz pointed out the embargo’s duration and its contradiction with the principles of the UN Charter, international law, and human rights, labeling it one of the most pressing diplomatic matters of the current time. He cited the numerous occasions where UN member states have voted overwhelmingly to recommend an immediate and unconditional termination of the embargo.

The ambassador argued that for over six decades, the Cuban population has endured the adverse impacts of the embargo, which has hampered the nation’s social and economic development and obstructed its integration into the international trading system.

Cruz also highlighted that Cuba is contending with significant economic and social difficulties due to the embargo-related import restrictions and the discriminatory trade conditions. This situation has led to restricted access to essential equipment, technology, and pharmaceutical products, forcing the country to turn to intermediaries, often resulting in higher costs and substandard quality.

The embargo, Cruz emphasized, stands in the way of Cuba’s efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and subjects it to unacceptable levels of underdevelopment.

The Angolan representative reaffirmed Angola’s ongoing support for UN initiatives and resolutions aiming to lift the embargo, reflecting a commitment to the principles of the UN Charter. Cruz called on the United States and Cuba to intensify their diplomatic engagement in a constructive and transparent manner to facilitate a comprehensive political understanding and foster mutually advantageous cooperation.

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