MFWA deeply concerned about serial violations in Burkina Faso, urges military junta to uphold freedom of expression

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has noted with great concern a number of freedom of expression violations in Burkina Faso in the course of events leading to the January-24 2022 military coup in the troubled nation and calls on the new military authorities to uphold all fundamental freedoms including the right to information.

The military took power in Burkina Faso after a weekend of mutiny by aggrieved soldiers, backed by the masses who organised protests against the perceived failure of President Marc Roch Kabore’s government to tackle insurgency that has killed thousands in the Sahel country.

Reading a communiqué signed by Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, president of the new junta (Patriotic Movement for Safeguard and Restoration (MPSR), a junior officer, Captain Kader Ouedraogo, announced on national television that the constitution has been suspended, the National Assembly dissolved and the country’s borders closed. A night curfew has also been imposed.

On January 23, 2022, a day before the coup, mobile internet was cut for 35 hours amidst heavy-handed policing against anti-government demonstrations. The authorities had banned demonstrations and the police enforced the ban by using tear gas to disperse protesters, arresting over 30 people.

Netblocks, a private organization that monitors digital rights, cybersecurity and internet governance around the world, reported the internet disruption on Twitter.

 “The incidents since Sunday morning have been masked by the imposition of a nationwide internet blackout,” it added.

Sawadogo Delwende, independent journalist, and Noufou Kindo, Journalist with Burkina24, have expressed outrage at the internet disruption, describing it as a backward action and a violation of the right to information.

“The events of the last weekend and the coup of Monday were important incidents that created public anxiety. The need for information and the work of journalists become particularly critical during such occasions. It is, therefore, a blatant violation of press freedom and citizens’ rights to information to disrupt the Internet at these times. The pressure is too much,” Noufou Kindo told the MFWA in a telephone interview.

Sawadogo Delwende, expressing her expectations, said “the first thing is that the internet should never again be cut, it should be an absolute freedom… And also journalists should be protected.”

Media sources reported, meanwhile, that a political activist, Korotoumou Anaïs Drabo of the Mouvement Sauvons le Burkina Faso, a civil society group, was arrested by the police on Saturday morning while on her way to a Court in Ouagadougou. The group had appealed to the Court to reverse the ban on protests by the municipal authorities. She was released later on the same day, having been beaten in detention at the Wemtenga police station, according to her narration to the local media.

The demonstrators also perpetrated their part of violent lawlessness. The campaign headquarters of the Mouvement du Peuple pour le Progrès (MPP), which is located in the Nonsin district of Ouagadougou, was vandalised and set on fire on January 23, 2022. Protesters also set fire to tyres in some streets of the capital and other big towns and threw stones in retaliation for police brutalities.

The coup in Burkina Faso confirms a growing fear of democratic relapse in West Africa following similar military takeovers in Mali and Guinea. The region once touted as a bastion of democracy in Africa has been racked by political upheavals, especially in the Sahel countries and Northern Nigeria. Constitutional autocracy is on the rise as the traditional two-term presidential mandates have been breached in Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, and Togo.

The MFWA strongly condemns the brutal violations of citizens’ rights to demonstrate and to access information in Burkina Faso. We welcome the release of some of the arrested individuals during the troubles and call on the military authorities to investigate the violent attacks on protesters as well as the excesses on the part of rioters in order to redress all wrongs.

The MFWA also urges the ECOWAS, the African Union, the United Nations to work together with the military regime and civil society in Burkina Faso to restore constitutional order as soon as possible.

WHR Group, Inc. Offering Free Employee Relocation Policy Reviews

MILWAUKEE, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WHR Group, Inc. (WHR), a leader in the global employee relocation industry, is offering companies free relocation policy reviews. WHR will also help companies create new policies from scratch. Even with the Covid pandemic, companies are still relocating employees to fill crucial roles. Reviewing relocation policies and making critical adjustments helps organizations win in the war for talent, meet employees’ needs, benchmark against the competition and control business costs.

Relocation policies should be incorporated into an organization’s total rewards and talent management strategies. The right relocation policy can help a company, while a weak policy – or none at all – could have a negative impact on the candidate recruiting success rate. “With the current war for talent, it’s critical to have a structured and competitive relocation program. This helps companies attract and retain top talent,” says WHR’s Business Development Regional Manager, Ben Koceja. Making sure a relocation policy meets transferees’ needs helps reduce transferee stress so that employees can focus on work roles in their new locations.

Benchmarking a policy against other companies also helps organizations stay competitive in the war for talent. The policy needs to include a choice of offerings since relocation policies are wrapped into job offers. Companies also need to ensure they’re allocating the right amount of dollars to transferees and organizational needs. It is important organizations are not paying for unnecessary or outdated benefits.

According to WHR’s International Business Development Manager, Linden Houghtby, MBA, GMS, MIM+, “Having a relocation policy aligned with your company culture, talent strategy, and recruiting goals is essential to having a successful relocation/mobility program. It allows companies to move employees where they are needed most. Policies ensure transferees will be taken care of in a way that reflects the organization’s values and goals.”

To learn more about WHR’s free employee relocation policy reviews or for help creating a new policy, contact WHR.

About WHR Group, Inc.
WHR is a private, woman-owned, global employee relocation management company distinguished by its white glove service delivery structure and proprietary technology. WHR has offices in Wisconsin, Switzerland, and Singapore. With its 100% client retention rate for the past decade, WHR continues to be the trusted leader in global employee relocation.,  LinkedInTwitter and Facebook.

Media Contact: Mindy Stroiman, Corporate Writer

WHR Group, Inc. offre des examens gratuits des politiques de mutation des employés

MILWAUKEE, 25 janv. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WHR Group, Inc. (WHR), un leader mondial du secteur de la mutation des employés, offre aux entreprises des examens gratuits de leurs politiques de mutation. WHR aidera également les entreprises à créer de nouvelles politiques à partir de zéro. Même avec la pandémie de Covid, les entreprises mutent toujours leurs employés pour occuper des postes cruciaux. Revoir les politiques de mutation et apporter des ajustements critiques aide les organisations à gagner dans la guerre des talents, à répondre aux besoins des employés, à se mesurer face à la concurrence et à contrôler les coûts de l’entreprise.

Les politiques de mutation doivent être intégrées dans les stratégies globales de gestion des talents et de récompenses d’une organisation. Une bonne politique de mutation peut aider une entreprise, tandis qu’une politique faible – voire inexistante – pourrait avoir un impact négatif sur le taux de réussite du recrutement des candidats. « Face à l’actuelle guerre des talents, il est essentiel de disposer d’un programme de mutation structuré et compétitif. Cela aide les entreprises à attirer et conserver les meilleurs talents », affirme Ben Koceja, directeur régional du développement commercial de WHR. S’assurer qu’une politique de mutation réponde aux besoins des personnes mutées aide à réduire leur stress, afin que les employés puissent se concentrer sur leurs responsabilités professionnelles sur leurs nouveaux sites.

L’analyse comparative d’une politique par rapport à d’autres entreprises aide également les organisations à rester compétitives dans la guerre des talents. La politique doit inclure un choix d’offres car les politiques de mutation sont intégrées dans les offres d’emploi. Les entreprises doivent également s’assurer qu’elles allouent le bon montant aux personnes mutées et aux besoins organisationnels. Il est important que les organisations ne paient pas pour des prestations inutiles ou obsolètes.

Selon le directeur du développement commercial international de WHR, Linden Houghtby, MBA, GMS, MIM+, « disposer d’une politique de mutation alignée sur la culture de votre entreprise, la stratégie des talents et les objectifs de recrutement est essentiel pour mener à bien un programme de relocalisation/mobilité. Elle permet aux entreprises de muter leurs employés là où ils sont le plus utiles. Les politiques garantissent que les personnes mutées seront prises en charge de manière à refléter les valeurs et les objectifs de l’organisation. »

Pour en savoir plus sur les examens gratuits des politiques de mutation des employés de WHR ou pour obtenir de l’aide afin de créer une nouvelle politique, veuillez contacter WHR.

À propos de WHR Group, Inc.
WHR est une société privée, détenue par une femme, qui gère les mutations des employés à l’échelle mondiale et se distingue par sa structure de prestation de services haut de gamme et sa technologie exclusive. WHR possède des bureaux dans le Wisconsin, en Suisse et à Singapour. Avec son taux de fidélisation de la clientèle de 100 % au cours des dix dernières années, WHR continue d’être le leader de confiance dans le domaine de la mutation des employés à l’échelle mondiale.
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Contact auprès des médias : Mindy Stroiman, rédactrice d’entreprise

WHR Group, Inc. Oferece Análise Gratuita de Políticas de Realocação de Funcionários

MILWAUKEE, Jan. 25, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — O WHR Group, Inc. (WHR), líder na indústria global de realocação de funcionários, está oferecendo às empresas análise gratuita das políticas de realocação. O WHR também irá as empresas a criar políticas totalmente novas. Mesmo com a pandemia da Covid, as empresas continuam realocando funcionários para preencher funções essenciais. A análise e ajustes essenciais das políticas de realocação ajudam as organizações a vencer a guerra por talentos, atender às necessidades dos funcionários, fazer comparações com a concorrência e controlar os custos dos negócios.

As políticas de realocação devem ser incorporadas à remuneração total e às estratégias de gestão de talentos de uma organização. Uma política de realocação certa pode ajudar uma empresa, enquanto uma política inadequada ou a ausência de uma política pode afetar negativamente a taxa de sucesso do recrutamento de candidatos. “Na guerra por talentos do momento, é fundamental ter um programa de realocação estruturado e competitivo. Isso ajuda as empresas a atrair e reter os melhores talentos”, disse o Gerente Regional de Desenvolvimento de Negócios do WHR, Ben Koceja. Uma política de realocação que atenda às necessidades dos funcionários transferidos ajuda a reduzir o estresse, permitindo que os funcionários possam se concentrar nas funções no seu novo local de trabalho.

A comparação de uma política com as de outras empresas também ajuda as organizações a se manterem competitivas na guerra por talentos. A política precisa incluir opções de ofertas, uma vez que as políticas de realocação fazem parte das ofertas de emprego. As empresas também precisam alocar o valor certo de dólares para os transferidos e para as necessidades organizacionais. É importante que as organizações não estejam pagando por benefícios desnecessários ou desatualizados.

De acordo com a Gerente de Desenvolvimento de Negócios Internacionais do WHR, Linden Houghtby, MBA, GMS, MIM+: “Uma política de realocação alinhada com a cultura, estratégia de talentos e metas de recrutamento da empresa é essencial para um programa de realocação/mobilidade de sucesso. Ela permite que as empresas transfiram os funcionários para os locais mais necessários. A política garante que os transferidos sejam tratados de acordo com os valores e objetivos da organização.”

Para mais informação sobre a análise gratuita de políticas de realocação de funcionários do WHR ou para ajuda na criação de uma nova política, entre em contato com o WHR.

Sobre o WHR Group, Inc.
O WHR é uma empresa global de propriedade de uma mulher que trata da gestão de realocação de funcionários em todo o mundo e que se destaca pela sua estrutura meticulosa e pela sua tecnologia proprietária. O WHR tem escritórios em Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Suíça e Cingapura. Com sua taxa de retenção de clientes de 100% na última década, o WHR continua a se posicionar como líder confiável na realocação global de funcionários.,  LinkedInTwitter e Facebook.

Contato com a Mídia: Mindy Stroiman, Redatora Corporativa

Dr Jane Goodall delivers an important message of hope at the 2022 Procter & Gamble AMA Sustainability Summit

The event saw participation from world-renowned Conservationist Dr. Jane Goodall, who shared how corporations can drive real change in the world. P&G announced progress toward its Ambition 2030 goals at its regional Sustainability Summit.

SINGAPORE, Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Procter & Gamble (NYSE:PG) today announced that it hosted its 2022 Sustainability Summit for the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa (AMA) region. Built on the theme “Hope for our Home”, the Summit explored how corporations, non-profit organisations, governments and the wider community can work together to drive real change, bring hope to the world, and make it a better place to live.

Hosted virtually, the event featured world-renowned Ethologist and Conservationist Dr Jane Goodall, Circulate Capital Ocean Fund chief executive Rob Kaplan, as well as United Nations Development Programme Goodwill Ambassador, Dia Mirza, who came together to address key issues surrounding climate change.

At the summit, Dr Jane Goodall debunked the belief that corporations and non-profit organisations are standing at opposite sides. In a fireside chat with P&G Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard, she shared that large corporations like P&G can take positive steps forward, create ripple effects around the globe, and encourage more consumers to take small, sustainable actions in their everyday lives.

“With annual GDP growth seemingly more important than our grandchildren’s future, the time is now to choose what sort of impact we can make. As more and more organizations like P&G drive change and join forces, there is hope. It’s time to get a new mindset and to see things differently. Everything is connected, and every one of us can make a difference,” said Dr Jane Goodall.

During the Summit, P&G also announced regional progress made toward its Ambition 2030 Goals. With P&G President for Asia Pacific, Middle East and AfricaMagesvaran Suranjan, announcing the following progress made:

  • In May 2021, P&G pledged to launch 12 pilot reforestation projects in 12 months for its Forests for Good initiative. P&G has since launched more than 20 pilot reforestation projects in areas including the Jebal Ali Reserve Mangrove Forest in UAE, the Sierra Madre Mountain Range Forest in Philippines, the Embu Region in Kenya, along with other AMA countries including Uganda, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.
  • P&G will continue investments in programs to conserve landscapes, protect species, and improve sustainable farming practices. These include working with the World Wildlife Fund Malaysia and the Emirates Marine Environmental Group in UAE to protect the Malayan Tiger and the endangered Hawksbill Sea Turtle respectively. P&G established a Smallholder Farmers Program across palm plantations in Malaysia since 2018, to help improve sustainable farming practices and the wellbeing of farmers, their families, and communities.
  • P&G has declared its commitment to run more than 85% of its plants across AMA on purchased renewable electricity by the end of 2022. To date, P&G has already achieved 87% with its AMA manufacturing sites.
  • Apart from 100% of P&G’s manufacturing sites being Zero Waste to Landfill, the company has also celebrated a significant milestone of having its first Zero Waste office in AMA, located in the Dubai site. P&G will progressively have more of these Zero Waste offices across the AMA region.
  • P&G has announced support for the Jane Goodall Institute and its flagship Roots & Shoots Program, which encourages and enables youth action to implement projects within P&G and in local communities that help animals and the planet.

Magesvaran Suranjan said: “We are fully committed to making a positive impact in the world and creating a sustainable future for generations to come. By integrating sustainability into the way that we do business every day, all of us at P&G are empowered to make a meaningful difference for our environment.”

P&G AMA’s Executive Sponsor of Sustainability, and Senior Vice President of P&G Japan, Standa Vecera commented: “We’ve already made significant progress over the past 10 years to reduce the environmental impact from our operations, and we know that we can do more. P&G has also set an ambition toward net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 and will continue to step up with science-based targets to guide our efforts in being a Force for Good.”

Circulate Capital Ocean Fund CEO Rob Kaplan, and Actor, Producer and United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador, Dia Mirza, also shared their thoughts on encouraging sustainable actions

Rob Kaplan commented, “Nobody can stay on the side line. Sustainability is a team sport. It has to be at the core of both the company strategy and the operations in order to drive meaningful change. By working together there is hope.”

Dia Mirza said: “The Sustainable Development Goals are the North Star and if they are adopted and implemented everywhere we have a genuine chance of solving some of the biggest problems we face within this decade. Brands find a way into so many hearts and homes. If more brands like P&G leverage their power to drive change, there is hope for the planet.”

P&G is committed to accelerating action on climate change toward net zero GHG emissions by 2040.

P&G has set a new ambition to achieve net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its operations and supply chain, from raw material to retailer, by 2040 as well as interim 2030 goals to make meaningful progress this decade.

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