Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias to participate in the videoconference of the NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs (Brussels, 01.06.2021)

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Dendias, will participate tomorrow, Tuesday, June 1, at 15:00, in the Meeting of the NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs to be held via videoconference.

The session will focus on preparations for the upcoming NATO Summit to be held in Brussels on June 14, as well as on taking forward the NATO 2030 process for the Alliance’s adaptation in light of existing and emerging security challenges.

Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, following his meeting with the Foreign Minister of Turkey, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu (Athens, 31.05.2021)

Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Nikos Dendias, following his meeting with the Foreign Minister of Turkey, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu (Athens, 31.05.2021)“Today I had the opportunity to discuss with my friend and counterpart, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, all the issues concerning our bilateral relations, but also the EU-Turkey relations.

We are fully aware that we and Turkey each hold different and, in several crucial issues, diametrically opposite positions.

The purpose of our meeting today was to initially attempt to establish common ground and then, if possible, to proceed with the gradual normalization of the situation in the longer term.

In this context we have agreed on a limited list of economic cooperation programs. We have also agreed on the mutual recognition of COVID-19 certificates, so that citizens who are vaccinated or tested negative will be able to visit our countries, something that is expected to boost our tourism industries.

Today’s meeting also gave us the opportunity to agree on a meeting between Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and President Erdogan on the sidelines of the NATO Summit.

With these words, dear Mevlüt, allow me to welcome you in Athens, but also congratulate you on Anadolou Efes winning the EuroLeague title yesterday. I extend warm congratulations.”

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Reasons for US Military Intrusion against Iraq

US-Pakistan Dealings afterwards Osama’s Bewitch

US Military interposition in Afghanistan

World US Counter-terrorism Scheme


Deeds Cited


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All countries in the humankind get dissimilar strange policies concerning their counterparts. Dissimilar countries bear variable opinions and perceptions and the nature of strange insurance depends mostly on the country’s dealings with the countries dubious.

These policies get in the late eld been based on the increasing terrorism crossways the ball. Thither are those countries e.g. Christian nations that think that Muslim nations are perpetrating terrorism and their extraneous policies should be unlike from the otc nations (Chaliand 56).

On the former give, Muslim nations clasp that the policies imposed against them are prejudiced and amounts to deterrence. This has created score ‘tween dissimilar countries and aggression is increasing in every day sprightliness. The pursuit abbreviated reputation testament center the humanity power, Joined States, which is combat-ready terrorism to produce outside repose and protection among all countries.

Reasons for US Military Intrusion against Iraq

Afterward September 11 attacks the Shrub establishment blame Iraq for the movement and the existent distrust that the commonwealth obsessed weapons of people end increased. The aggression betwixt the two countries can be traced dorsum in other Nineties when the US attacked Iraq for incorrectly assaultive its adjacent land Iran (Chaliand 56).

Since that metre, the two countries had been having unceasing aggression. When Chairwoman George Chaparral came to powerfulness, he was on the feeling that the nation was manufacture illegal atomic weapons and over-the-counter weapons of batch demolition. This, he claimed threatened globular protection and the lonesome result to the job was emphatic disarming of the commonwealth.

The UN had for various multiplication transmit its inspectors to the nation to search potential tell that could connection the Arab submit to the claims. All the results had been damaging since the inspectors could not ply any touchable tell based on the claims.

Withal, Scrub differed with their belief and sought-after permit from the UN Protection Council to plunge military attacks against the nation. Joined Nations pleaded with US not to approach the state until real tell was availed. Of the 5 lasting members of UN Protection council lonesome British with the leaders of its premier, Tony Blair supported the thought (Chaliand 56).


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So many nations did not reinforcement Bush’s approximation and this was a major reversal for US. Still, winning reward of US’s transcendence, Bush-league went leading and militarily attacked the state that saw monolithic wipeout of the country’s substructure, saving and political construction.

Another reversal for US came when abaft the unanimous performance, it came out that Iraq neither produced nor amuck any weapons of volume demolition. This worn globose critique from many countries and US was seen as having a unlike motivating for assaultive Iraq.

US-Pakistan Dealings abaft Osama’s Bewitch

Abaft Osama Bin Lade, the suspected brainiac of US September 11 attacks the two countries’ dealings look to contract a unlike guidance. The US federal authorities has threatened to take all its aid to the state, a actuate that is seen to counteract the two countries’ diplomatical relationships.

Still, the Sen Extraneous Dealings commission lead has warned against the actuate locution that the fact that the commonwealth hosted the brat funny does not think that it can be coupled to terrorism (Ryan 2). Contempt the cooperation from Pakistan regime that led to the seizure of Bin Ladened the country’s intuition of hosting herculean Jehad groups has increased according to bulk of US senators.

Though roughly individuals in the US authorities are hopeful the diplomatical dealings betwixt the two countries leave not be unnatural, the trueness is that the US sensing towards the state and its power to engagement terrorism has drastically changed.

US Military treatment in Afghanistan

When US was attacked by Al-Qaeda in 2001, it was angry with the deplorable act and the star shady was Osama Bin Ladened who is Afghanistan’s citizen. Not well-educated where to start, US began an quick onslaught for the Al-Qaeda leader and former leadership of the early unsafe brat radical Taliban in Afghanistan (Chaliand 56).

This led to military onset of the commonwealth with advanced military operations that were seen as a motion to get the leader and his following. The state was ruined staggeringly upright the way Iraq had been invaded. Ultimately, the deputation succeeded in overthrowing the Taliban grouping and paralyzing their operations though it failed to catch the dealer leader of the serious fto, Osama Bin Oppressed.


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Planetary US Counter-terrorism Scheme

It is believed that, Osama’s blackwash volition not alter the US strategies and policies against the terrorism. This is because the kill of the scourge defendant does not intend the war against panic is complete. The US has promised to tone its policies and strategies in fight the terrorism.

Yet, the expiry of this terrorist has had considerable implications for US counter-terrorism insurance (Ryan 2). The US military approach and its nonstarter in Iraq attracted world’s critique from dissimilar spiritual leadership. This is because the attacks were seen as religious-based and ideologic differences sparked the war thence implying the commonwealth had no respectfulness for otc religions.

The office of word appeal and military operations is to word hard mechanisms that leave assistance in combat worldwide terrorism and fetch it into a stoppage. This has been demonstrated in the blackwash of Osama since were it not for cooperation and roast military attacks ‘tween respective military groups and particularly US and Afghanistan, the Al-Qaeda leader would not get been captured. One of the strategies of the US in active terrorism is the perm shutdown of threat suspects’ prison, Guantanamo bay set in America’s naval foot.

The prison is organism criticized for exploitation out-of-date and insufferable twisting methods frankincense violating the rudimentary hum rights (Parson 27). Nevertheless, a disputation has emerged on whether to finis the prison since about insurance makers are claiming that the blockage of the prison volition commit rather of reduction terrorist attacks.


The conflict against terrorism should be approached in an capture attack and the to vouch regard to all mass disregardless of their spiritual backgrounds (Rector 27). Approximately policies and strategies secondhand by the Joined States motive to be changed and turn satisfactory to all nations. Again, terrorism has mostly influenced many nations’ alien dealings and this is the cause for the increasing aggression among dissimilar countries of the humans.

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Parson, James. Terrorism & world prophylactic policing: Implications of the Obama Presidentship . New York, NY: Taylor & Francis, 2009.

Ryan, Reilly. Kerry cautions colleagues around cutting Pakistan astern Osama Bin Ladened bewitch. TPM media. 3 May 2011. Web.


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Micro Insurance Company and ImaliPay Partner to Deliver Digital Insurance Products to Africa’s Gig Workers

Micro Insurance Company x ImaliPay


NEW YORK, May 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MicroEnsure (now part of the Micro Insurance Company) and ImaliPay are partnering to deliver digital insurance products to Africa’s gig workers. These unique insurance products will provide this underserved sector with a safety net, so when the unexpected happens, people are able to bounce back swiftly.

Micro Insurance Company (MIC) is focused on providing end-to-end microinsurance products to the mass market at affordable premiums. ImaliPay is a fast-growing Pan African and VC-backed financial services platform focused on offering credit, savings, and insurance via a single channel or API to Africa’s gig economy platforms. ImaliPay deploys short-term finance easily and quickly to enable their customers to generate more revenue from their gig work.

ImaliPay is partnering with MIC to deliver insurance products to their growing customer base of gig workers in Kenya. This partnership will empower gig workers by providing insurance tailored to their needs and their level/proportion of income generation. Furthermore, the addition of this insurance product will help improve the quality of life for delivery, ride-sharing, and mobility sector workers.

The majority of gig workers, especially in the ride-sharing sector, remain active despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the nature of their jobs, they remain at high risk for contracting Covid-19 with minimal access to insurance coverage to protect them. Therefore, this insurance product being offered through the partnership between MIC and ImaliPay will cover Covid-19 as well as a range of other risks including health, death, disability, and property destruction.

Micro Insurance Company brings its comprehensive trajectory and track record in providing microinsurance which ImaliPay will leverage to provide insurance products to its customers.

Ms. Wairimu Njoki, Country Manager, MicroEnsure East Africa, says: 

“We are delighted to be partnering with ImaliPay to boost the rising gig economy by providing social protection through innovative, need-based insurance. This is in line with our audacious goal of insuring the 4 billion un/underinsured lives globally.”

Uptake of insurance remains low in Kenya, with poor product design and constrained distribution channels contributing to low insurance penetration levels. MIC and ImaliPay join forces to address both of these issues – using ImaliPay’s platform as a route to access these services along with their knowledge of the gig workforce, and MIC’s expertise in product design to ensure optimal product consideration and adjusted premiums.

Tatenda Furusa, Co-founder of ImaliPay, says:

“At the very heart of our business, we are concerned with re-defining our customer experience by providing a wider product basket and prioritising the products that are most important/necessary to our customers. Insurance sits right at the forefront of our customer needs and we’re happy to be catering to those needs with this collaboration.”

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Vessels’ ship sales and purchase unfazed by pandemic

SINGAPORE, May 31, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Across the last decade, the global shipbroking market enjoyed growth from various drivers including increasing global seaborne trade, falling oil prices, swift economic growth and rising energy consumption. Unfortunately, the pandemic disrupted shipping industry, and made its way into vessel sales and purchase.

Travel restrictions made it significantly harder for buyers to source for the right ships. Similarly, a smaller pool of buyers compelled sellers to release their vessels at a loss. Tightened safety controls thwarted vessel inspections which further threatened sales and purchase – causing buyers and sellers to reconsider their decisions.

Marine Online helps both buyers and sellers bypass disruptions in vessels sales and purchase. Unrestricted geographically, its platform offers a broad network, acting as an effective bridge between both buyers and sellers. Surveys can also be carried out by Marine Online’s authorised service providers worldwide upon a successful transaction.

Bharat Bahl, Marine Online’s Sales and Purchase Manager highlighted: “In this challenging economic climate, our platform effectively converges all buyers and sellers. Additionally, our wide network of authorised service providers is able to carry out necessary surveys, clearances and other marine services wherever the vessel is located. Marine Online’s team of experienced professionals would be overseeing the whole process, ensuring smooth and secure transactions.”

Marine Online is a client-centric platform providing maritime professionals with effective vessel sales and purchase solutions. To date, Marine Online has transacted for both buyers and sellers worldwide including Indonesia, China, Singapore and Vietnam.

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