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Draft report – Assessment of Horizon 2020 implementation in view of its interim evaluation and the Framework Programme 9 proposal – PE 600.940v01-00 – Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

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Speech by the President of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, at the European Council meeting on 9 and 10 March 2017

I was elected on the basis of a clear pledge: to act as the spokesman for the European Parliament, not its Prime Minister. At European Council meetings, I will set out Parliament’s positions, and in

Adopting Text on Global Health Challenges, General Assembly Urges Cross-sector Engagement in Tackling Ebola, Zika, Other Viruses

Adopting a draft resolution on global health and foreign policy that focused on the role of health employment in driving economic growth and helping Member States move toward sustainable development, the General Assembly also held …

Draft Resolution Stressing Importance of Overcoming Silos in Sustainable Development among 15 Texts Approved by Second Committee

The General Assembly would stress the importance of overcoming silos in sustainable development by the terms of a draft resolution approved by recorded vote, one of 15 draft resolutions taken up today by the Second …

Speakers Say International Court of Justice Needed More than Ever, as General Assembly Considers Its Annual Report

President, Delegates Hail ‘Tireless Custodian of International Legal Order’ amid Growing Workload, Shrinking Budget

Seventy years after its inception, the International Court of Justice — the principal judicial organ of the United Nations and “tireless …