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India to Extend Cooperation With IAEA, Providing Training Opportunities

Nuclear professionals from across Asia will benefit from extended cooperation agreed on by IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano and Sekhar Basu, Chairman of India’s Atomic Energy Commission last week.

IAEA-nominated experts in advanced nuclear energy, …

Irradiation of Fresh Produce: New Database will Help Determine the Right Dose

What is the correct radiation dosage for disinfesting fresh products to eliminate the risk of carrying new invasive pests into importing countries? A new database developed by the IAEA, in collaboration with the Food and …

Cooperation, National Reporting Critical to Keeping Weapons of Mass Destruction Out of Terrorist Hands, 1540 Committee Chair Tells Security Council

Despite the efforts of States, the risk of weapons of mass destruction falling into the wrong hands remained high, speakers told the Security Council today, calling for improved synergies among stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations, to …

China's First Wastewater Plant Using Radiation Opens

China inaugurated its first facility that uses electron beams to treat industrial wastewater yesterday, ushering in a new era for radiation technology in the world’s leading textile producer.

Textile dyeing accounts for a fifth of …

Kim Jong-nam killed by VX nerve agent: Malaysian police

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Chemical weaponsKim Jong-nam killed by VX nerve agent: Malaysian police

Published 24 February 2017

Malaysian police have said the substance used in the killing of Kim Jong-nam was a VX nerve agent. North Korea,

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