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At UN event in Rome, Pope Francis urges action on climate change, conflicts to end global hunger

16 October 2017 &#150 Food security for all requires tackling climate change and ending conflicts, His Holiness, Pope Francis, stressed Monday at an official ceremony for World Food Day held at the Rome headquarters of …

Help People Not Just to Survive, but Thrive, Says Secretary-General, Briefing Security Council on Countries at Risk of Famine

Following are UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ remarks to the Security Council briefing on countries at risk of famine, in New York today:

Nine months ago, some 20 million people were at severe risk of famine in …

Latin America and Caribbean falling off ‘zero hunger’ path towards 2030 – UN report

12 October 2017 &#150 The total number of persons that suffer from hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean has increased, reversing decades of progress, even as overweight and obesity emerged as a major problem …

Latin America and Caribbean are falling off path to Zero Hunger by 2030

Photo: ©FAO/Luis Gustavo Sánchez

A farmer working at a FAO project to strengthen the resilience of small-scale coffee producers in Guatemala.

10 October 2017, Santiago, Chile –The total number of persons that suffer from hunger in Latin America and …

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