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Remarks by the Vice President and Japanese Deputy Prime Minister Aso at a Press Conference

The Prime Minister’s Residence
Tokyo, Japan

DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER ASO:  (As interpreted.)  I’m delighted to welcome to Vice President Pence to Japan in April when some cherry blossoms are still remaining.  Perhaps it reminded you …

Daily Press Briefing by Press Secretary Spicer — #37

James S. Brady Press Briefing Room

1:24 P.M. EDT

MR. SPICER:  Good afternoon.  As many of you are aware, there’s currently some news breaking out of Afghanistan, so I just want to give you a …

Syria is a Good Reason Why the United States Should Stick With the Human Rights Council

The Trump Administration has produced various rationales for its decision last week to launch cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase after the Syrian government used chemical weapons to attack and kill Syrian civilians. In his …

Press Releases: Background Briefing: Previewing Secretary Tillerson's Upcoming Travel to Italy and Russia

MODERATOR: Thank you very much, and thank you to all of those who have called in today for our background conference call with senior State Department officials on Secretary Tillerson’s upcoming travel to Italy and …

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Sean Spicer, 3/30/2017, #32

James S. Brady Briefing Room

1:57 P.M. EDT

MR. SPICER:  Good afternoon.  Matt, you had a phenomenal story today.  (Laughter.)  Get that joke?  If you didn’t, look it up.  A little delayed reaction to that.  …

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