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The Tangled Politics of Search and Rescue Operations in the Mediterranean

Since the early 1990s, North Africa has served as a jumping point for migrants trying to reach Europe. Then, as now, these are mixed migration routes where refugees and asylum seekers travel side by side …

News in Brief 8 May 2017 (AM)

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Syrian refugees are rescued in the Mediterranean Sea by crew of the Italian ship, Grecale, March 2014. © UNHCR/Alfredo D’Amato

Rescue at sea more crucial than ever, urges UN Refugee

Raqqa, Trump’s big decision, and the death of a Dadaab icon: The cheat sheet

Every week, IRIN’s team of editors looks ahead at what’s on our humanitarian radar and curates a selection of the best reports, opinion, and journalism you may have missed:

Au revoir Paris: Will he, won’t

Written question – VP/HR – Relations with Algeria and the migration crisis – E-002246/2017

On 13 March, the European Union and Algeria renewed their association agreement, with the EU’s High Representative describing Algeria as a ‘key partner’. At a time when Europe is confronting the major challenge of immigration …

Written question – Collaboration between NGOs and smugglers – smuggling of asylum-seekers to the EU (continued) – E-001899/2017

Frontex has made serious accusations about NGOs active in and around the Mediterranean Sea. According to Frontex, aid organisations conspire with people smugglers to bring asylum-seekers from North Africa to a European port, despite the …

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