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News in Brief 8 May 2017 (AM)

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Syrian refugees are rescued in the Mediterranean Sea by crew of the Italian ship, Grecale, March 2014. © UNHCR/Alfredo D’Amato

Rescue at sea more crucial than ever, urges UN Refugee

Raqqa, Trump’s big decision, and the death of a Dadaab icon: The cheat sheet

Every week, IRIN’s team of editors looks ahead at what’s on our humanitarian radar and curates a selection of the best reports, opinion, and journalism you may have missed:

Au revoir Paris: Will he, won’t

Written question – VP/HR – Relations with Algeria and the migration crisis – E-002246/2017

On 13 March, the European Union and Algeria renewed their association agreement, with the EU’s High Representative describing Algeria as a ‘key partner’. At a time when Europe is confronting the major challenge of immigration …

Written question – Collaboration between NGOs and smugglers – smuggling of asylum-seekers to the EU (continued) – E-001899/2017

Frontex has made serious accusations about NGOs active in and around the Mediterranean Sea. According to Frontex, aid organisations conspire with people smugglers to bring asylum-seekers from North Africa to a European port, despite the …

Answer – Asylum policy data – E-000004/2017

Tackling the refugee crisis and the migration challenge has been at the top of the Commission’s agenda in the past two years. The overall EU funding for migration (EU budget and European Development Fund) for …

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