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Security Council Welcomes ‘Free and Fair’ Kosovo Polls as Special Representative Urges Immediate Formation of New Government

Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister Stresses Mission’s Continuing Importance, as Pristina Joins Key Members in Calling for Its End

Welcoming Kosovo’s recent free and fair elections, the head of the United Nations mission there stressed today …

Speakers in General Assembly Urge Head of New Counter-Terrorism Office to Strengthen United Nations System Coordination towards Preventing, Ending Menace

The new Counter-Terrorism Office marked a milestone in efforts to improve United Nations efficiency in fighting terrorism, delegates in the General Assembly said today, calling on its freshly appointed head to strengthen coordination among the …

Daily News 28 / 07 / 2017

EU Trust Fund for Africa adopts €46 million programme to support integrated migration and border management in Libya

Following up on the Commission’s Action Plan to support Italy from 4 July, the EU Trust Fund

Questions and answers

Why is the Commission proposing new rules on the import of cultural goods?

In recent years, a string of crimes against world cultural heritage have been perpetrated by warring factions and terrorist entities all over …

New significant sites inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list

12 July 2017 &#150 The World Heritage Committee wrapped its 41st session today having inscribed 21 new sites on the United Nations cultural wing’s World Heritage List – locations ranging from the site of iconic …

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