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CALENDRIER du 27 février au 05 mars 2017

(Susceptible de modifications en cours de semaine)

Déplacements et visites


Lundi 27 février 2017

Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council

Mr Frans Timmermans receives a delegation of members of the Senate of Romania.

Ms Federica Mogherini

Local leaders urge concerted international action to stabilise Mediterranean

Local and regional leaders from across the Mediterranean and the European Union have urged national governments and the international community to work more closely with mayors and governors to help stabilise North Africa and the

Speech by Commissioner Thyssen

Dear Ministers, Honourable Members of Parliaments,

Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

Good morning and welcome to this conference: the first sounding board after the consultation on a European Pillar of Social Rights.

All of us …

Text adopted – Security challenges in the Middle East and North Africa and prospects for political stability – P8_TA(2015)0271 – Thursday, 9 July 2015 – Strasbourg – Final edition

The European Parliament,

–  having regard to Articles 8 and 21 of the Treaty on European Union,

–  having regard to the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement between the European Union and its Member States, of …

Text adopted – Priorities for EU relations with the Eastern partnership countries – P7_TA(2014)0229 – Wednesday, 12 March 2014 – Strasbourg – Final edition

The European Parliament,

–  having regard to the launch of the Eastern Partnership in Prague on 7 May 2009,

–  having regard to the commencement of activities by the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly on 3 May …

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