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Council conclusions on migrant smuggling


-               ALERTED by the high number of casualties and migrants risking death in trying to reach Europe and considering that it is estimated that in 2015 there were more …

Answer – VP/HR – Sousse attacks – E-011256/2015

1. The Foreign Affairs Council (FAC) Conclusions of 9 February 2015 on counter-terrorism stated that ‘the Council has decided to step up, as a matter of urgency, its external action on countering terrorism in particular …

Opinion – The prevention of radicalisation and recruitment of European citizens by terrorist organisations – PE 560.548v02-00 – Committee on Foreign Affairs

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Answer – Attack in Sousse: the EU should support Tunisia in fighting terrorism – E-011237/2015

In its conclusions of 20 July 2015(1) the Council reiterated its commitment to further intensify its cooperation with Tunisia, through substantial technical and financial support, within an integrated approach designed to respond to the …

Press release – Work together to fight online radicalisation and extremism, MEPs urge EU states – Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

Illegal content that spreads violent extremism via the internet should be deleted promptly, but in line with fundamental rights and freedom of expression, say Civil Liberties Committee MEPs in a non-binding resolution voted on Monday.

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