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The United Nations General Assembly declares the “International Year of Quinoa” with FAO serving as the Secretariat of the IYQ, assisting the International Committee to coordinate the celebrations. Quinoa’s legacy is celebrated at headquarters …

Written question – Stop the terrible cruelty while exporting and transporting live animals – E-001534/2017

Animals International & Eurogroup for Animals, in collaboration with Tierschutzbund Zürich/Animal Welfare Foundation (TSB/AWF) just presented new and overwhelming video evidence of systematic and horrific abuse of animals in livestock exports from Europe to Turkey, …

Notice to members – Petition No 1646/2014 by Antonia Morral Agusti (Spanish) on EU regulation on pet protection – PE 576.736v03-00 – Committee on Petitions

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Answer – Horse-breeding farms – E-000337/2017

1. The Commission is aware of the reports pointing at possible mistreatment of mares used for the collection of blood in non-EU countries.

2. The claims, since they allegedly occur in non-EU countries, do not …

Daily News 24 / 02 / 2017

L’Europe aujourd’hui et demain: discours du Président Juncker

Le Président Juncker a prononcé un discours hier à l’Institut d’études européennes de l’Université catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve intitulé ‘l’Europe aujourd’hui et demain’. Le constat que le Président …

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