Zasipkin visits Bassil: We have very good prospects for future dealings with Lebanon

NNA – Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasipkin visited on Thursday the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gebran Bassil, and said after the meeting “we have discussed a number of regional and local issues, and we agreed on priorities, especially the fight against terrorism.”

“Russia appreciates the major achievement made by Lebanon against terrorists. We trust the process of eradicating this terrorism phenomenon from the entire region. Russia will continue to support all sides, and we have very good prospects for dealing with Lebanon in the next phase. We will pursue our joint efforts with the Syrian Army and its allies in Syria against terrorism,” he assured, stressing that his country deals with the concerned parties in the region to ease tension and make progress towards a political settlement.

Asked about the extension of the UNIFIL term in South Lebanon, the diplomat said “We have worked within the United Nations to extend the term of the UNIFIL. We believe in the essential role played by this force in preserving security. The international community is required to continue its efforts to stop the Israeli violations and we will follow up on this issue in the next stage.”


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