Written question – VP/HR – Violence in Ethiopia – P-006437/2017

In recent months there has been growing unrest and violent clashes between Ogadeni-Somali and Oromo groups across the Oromia and Ogaden regions of Ethiopia, which have allegedly been stoked up by government action. This follows years of human rights abuses by the state against these groups, including the suppression of protests, arrests and systemic violence against women. We are now seeing worrying displacements of Oromo people from Somaliland to Ethiopia.

Human rights groups, as well as the US Government, have raised concerns about the situation, and particularly the increased risk of conflict that could destabilise the region. Unfortunately, the EU has not made a strong statement on these worrying developments.

Ethiopia is a crucial actor for security in East Africa, and has been a long-standing partner of the European Union. There must be democratic and inclusive dialogue among groups in Ethiopia in order to de-escalate the tensions and bring about lasting peace and stability. Reported human rights violations must be investigated and perpetrators brought to justice.

When will the EEAS issue a statement about the situation?

What action will the EU take to de-escalate the situation, bring about dialogue and ensure that perpetrators of human rights violations are brought to justice?