Written question – VP/HR – Genocide in South Sudan – E-000871/2017

Complete chaos reigns in South Sudan. The country is bankrupt, with inflation at 900%, industry has shut down, there is barely any drinking water, hospitals have no medicines or fuel to run operating theatres and many people are going desperately hungry.

Arms sales have shot up, the arms lobbies are pushing to avoid an embargo, and more than 17 000 children have been recruited by the army and militia forces involved in the conflict. The expulsion of journalists, foreign humanitarian workers and NGOs is making it harder for international aid to reach the country and for information about the conflict to get out.

Genocide is a real and imminent possibility. The Dinka and Nuer minority have been subject to ethnic cleansing since 2013, with violence aimed at women and children in particular, while the United Nations has remained passive. This is reminiscent of the period leading up to the Rwandan genocide in 1994.

1. Does the High Representative think that there is a short-term risk of genocide in South Sudan?

2. Does she plan to push for an intervention of the European Union-led Forces (EUFOR) to avoid genocide and a repetition of the mistakes that the international community made in Rwanda?