Written question – Trade barriers to exports of poultry to South Africa – P-005609/2017

The export of poultry meat to South Africa currently faces serious obstacles because South Africa is failing to comply with agreements on trade under the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) due, for example, to the ‘anti-dumping’ duties and safeguard (SFG) duties. South Africa has also been keeping its borders completely closed to poultry meat from various Member States since the outbreak of avian influenza (HPAI), despite the HPAI-free status assigned to various Member States in line with OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) standards.

1. Does the Commission consider that Member States with HPAI-free status should be allowed access to the South African market again as soon as possible, and will the Commission make this a priority so that exports (for countries with HPAI-free status) can resume as soon as possible?

2. Does the Commission consider that it is unacceptable to fail to comply with trade agreements, and can the Commission indicate what measures are being taken in relation to South Africa for not complying with the provisions of the European Partnership Agreement?

3. Is South Africa’s planned introduction of a ‘safeguard duty’ of 35% for poultry meat from Europe legally possible under WTO rules and the agreements reached in the context of the European Partnership Agreement?