Written question – Towards a European Energy Union – E-000870/2016

The Commission recently called for measures to achieve a European Energy Union so as to ensure affordable, sustainable and secure energy for Europe and its citizens.

However, the countries of south-eastern Europe find themselves in an isolated position in this regard and are unable to diversify their energy suppliers owing to lack of suitable infrastructure and inadequate connections with other EU Member States, making it difficult to achieve a genuine Energy Union and contributing to the emergence of a two-speed Europe.

In view of this:

1. Can the Commission say what measures it intends to take to enhance the energy security of the south-eastern European countries and end their energy dependence on specific suppliers?
2. In view of the economic difficulties besetting many countries, including Greece, how does the European Commission plan to fund the development of ‘intelligent’ transmission and distribution infrastructures and networks in a bid to achieve energy union?