Written question – Construction industry challenges in the EU – E-006890/2017

The annual report of the European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC) highlights the challenges of the construction industry in the EU due mainly to the low growth rate of investments(1) and the inequalities between north European countries (led by Germany and the UK) and Balkan and south European countries. For example, in 2016, construction activities had a negative growth rate of ‐2.1% in Greece(2), ‐5.9% in Bulgaria, ‐13.2% in Slovenia, and ‐4.1% in Portugal.

1. What investment instruments will the Commission use to mitigate the impact of reduced construction and repair of buildings such as schools and hospitals in the EU?

2. What initiatives are being considered to boost employment in the construction industry in countries like Greece(3)?

(1) Construction activity in Europe, Edition 2017, FIEC
(2) ‘(…) due to cuts in public spending, the completion of pre-crisis large projects and delays in EU funding of new infrastructure projects’, id
(3) Only 175 000 jobs in 2016, Key Figures Activity 2016, FIEC