Written question – Coastal energy infrastructure and sea level rise – E-015456/2015

Sea level rise has the potential to have a significant impact on coastal energy infrastructure through flooding and erosion. Few have investigated the implications of climate change for this infrastructure — especially oil, gas and renewables — in Europe. Moreover, even though awareness of climate change and sea level has been raised throughout Europe, especially in northern Europe, which has the greatest number of coastal energy facilities, European policymakers need to be more concerned about south-eastern countries, which have shown low awareness and have a significant number of coastal energy facilities and an expanding coastal infrastructure.

An updated study concerning awareness of sea levels would be welcomed, the last one having been issued in 2008. In addition, when infrastructure is constructed or upgraded, adaptation needs to be undertaken proactively, anticipating rates of environmental change. A similar approach will be required for renewable energy, which is expected to expand over the coming years.

Aside from Directive 2014/89/EU establishing a framework for maritime spatial planning, does the Commission intend to devise a comprehensive strategy for studying and increasing the current level of awareness in eastern Europe, in developing sectors, or where there is limited information?