Written question – A comprehensive approach to pastoralism in Africa – E-003402/2017

In the Eastern African drylands, drought is currently affecting millions of people, including pastoralists.

Besides humanitarian assistance, a comprehensive approach towards pastoralism is needed to increase the resilience of pastoralist communities.

In previous resolutions on this topic, including those of 15 September 2011 on famine in East Africa(1) and of 12 March 2015 on Tanzania(2), Parliament stressed the importance of pastoralism.

In 2013, the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly adopted a resolution on pastoralism. In 2014, as a follow-up this resolution, the Commission stated that it was preparing a reference document on pastoralism for EU delegations, which was supposed to build on analyses of successful initiatives supported by the EU and other stakeholders.

When does the Commission intend to publish this document, what kind of guidance will it provide and how will civil society organisations be included in the process?

How will the Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS) consider the role and needs of pastoralists in its forthcoming strategy document on fostering state, economic, environmental/climate and societal resilience in third countries?

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