Weather forecast: Rainy with thund

Weather forecast: Rainy with thunderstorms, snow over 1800m

Thu 11 Dec 2014 at 10:40


NNA – Friday weather in Lebanon is partly cloudy with strong winds in the morning and stable temperature changes to cloudy in the afternoon with rains and thunderstorms, as forecasted by Beirut Airport -based Meteorology.

Weather report:

General status: Low atmospheric pressure dominates over the Mediterranean Eastern basin starting Friday.

-Temperature: On the coastline 14 degrees Celsius low to 24 degrees Celsius high

On the mountain range: 8 degrees Celsius low to 18 degrees Celsius high

In the Interior range: 7 degrees Celsius low to 21 degrees Celsius high

At Al-Arz: Zero degree Celsius low to 10 degrees Celsius high

– Surface wind: Active southern-eastern, gusting between 10 and 35 Km/hr, intensifies at night especially in the south to reach 60km/hr.

– Visibility: Medium every now and then

– Humidity on the coastline: between 45% and 75%.

– Sea : Moderate with high waves, Surface temperature 21 degrees Celsius.

– Atmospheric Pressure: 765 mlm/Hg

– Sunrise: 06:32 Sunset: 16:30