Water and Sanitation calls for wise water use as KwaZulu-Natal dam levels drop

KwaZulu-Natal dams takes a dip, DWS reiterates call for prudent water use
The Department of Water and Sanitation in KwaZulu-Natal has reiterated its plea to consumers to use water sparingly as dam levels in the province experienced a minimal decline this week. The provincial storage capacity has declined from 74.0% to 73.8%. Comparative to a similar period last year, dam levels stood at 63.6%.
However, the Department said the decline was not a cause for concern as the province’s main water supply system, the Umgeni Water Supply System was considerably steady at 85.9% from last week’s 86.1%.
Meanwhile, some dams within the System have similarly remained above average this week as compared to the previous week and last year. Midmar Dam is at 100.1% from 100.4%. Nagle Dam is slightly down from 90.7% to 90.4%. Albert-Falls has remained unchanged at last week’s 56.0%. Inanda and Spring Grove Dams have recorded 99.3% and 100.5% respectively.
The Department said it continues to work around the clock to implement long-term measures to ensure water security for all.
“We are committed to carry out our mandate of ensuring water provision for all households in the country. This is as we prepare to hear priority areas which will be tabled by Minister Lindiwe Sisulu next week Tuesday, 25 May 2021, as she will deliver the 2021/22 Budget Vote for the Department in Parliament,” said Spokesperson Sputnik Ratau.
“We can confirm that the Budget will consist of long-term projects which will need to be implemented in the province and some which will bring immediate relief to communities, especially those experiencing the dire effects of drought” he said.
Ratau said while the Department was geared up to continue with implementation of projects in different parts of the province, it called on water users to play an active role by using water sparingly and reporting water leaks and infrastructure vandalism to their local authorities.
Here’s a look at this week’s dam level status in some KwaZulu-Natal dams:
Dam Status last week Status this week
Klipfontein 99.8% 99.3%
Woodstock 100.0% 100.0%
Spioenkop 100.1% 100.1%
Hluhluwe 98.6% 98.2%
Zaaihoek 80.0% 80.0%
Wagendrift 100.8% 100.4%
Bivane 100.0% 100.0%
Ntshingwayo 81.1% 80.6%
Pongolapoort 58.8% 58.7%
Driel Barrage 100.7% 100.7%
Mearns 100.4% 90.7%
Goedertrouw 75.2% 75.0%

Source: Government of South Africa

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