US Army for Good Military-Media Relations

A US army General says good military-media relations are critical in a democracy to ensure transparency and accountability.

General Joseph Votel said this when he briefed visiting journalists at Macdill US Airforce Base in Florida.

General Joseph Votel says, like all sectors of a democracy, the military is largely not exempt from public scrutiny hence the need for transparency and accountability.

He says, cordial media-military relations enhance public confidence hence whether publicity about the military is positive or negative, public information has to flow on.

General Votel, who is Commander of the Central Command of US Airforce acknowledged the critical role of the media in holding leaders accountable and the risks and dangers in doing so

He said while some journalists are having to report in war and conflict zones, others are operating in politically volatile environments where press freedom is unwelcomed.

In Africa, the media is under threat to report critical issues about the military under the guise of national security interests when lately it has transpired that militaries have been used in corrupt practices and theft.

General Votel gave 82 journalists from 75 countries across the globe a detailed account of what the US army is doing in various regions of the world and why complete with the successes and challenges being faced.

And a US military advisor told journalists that multi-dimensional challenges facing the world today call for an integration of approaches including good media-military ties.

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