Treasury on media reports regarding illicit request for payment of services

The National Treasury notes the incident that was widely reported on social media platforms regarding an official that demanded payments for assisting a supplier to be registered on the Central Supplier Database (CSD).

The implicated individual is employed by a service provider for the National Treasury that is contracted to manage and run the Gauteng walk-in centre of the CSD. The individual has since been suspended. The National Treasury and the service provider have taken necessary steps to ensure that the individual is prohibited from ever working for the CSD.

We reaffirm that we are prepared to take part in any steps to ensure that the individual’s conduct is decisively dealt with through a thorough investigation by the contractor, and welcome a dismissal if any wrongdoing is found on their part. Staff and contractors are briefed by the National Treasury on a number of occasions in respect to accepting gifts, money and informal contact with suppliers.

The National Treasury and all other Organs of State provide client support services free of charge and we condemn any corrupt activities conducted by any official or contractor.

We thank the community for bringing this matter to our attention and we further encourage the society to alert us of any incidents of this nature if they re-occur.

Source: Government of South Africa