Tobaski is a day when the Muslim Ummah reflects on the glorious history of Ibrahim and his loyal son, Ismail.

This is a day that Muslims the world over pray together for each other for progress, peace and prosperity, and also rejoice in sharing the bountiful blessing of Allah with love and affection.

As The Gambia joins the rest of the Muslim world on Thursday to celebrate this day, we pray that Almighty Allah continue to shower his eternal blessings on our beloved country and leadership. May we continue to live in the atmosphere of peace and unity we have come to nurture within the past decade.

We also pray that with the glory of this faithful day, may the Almighty Allah have mercy on the human race and rain His abundant blessings on our brothers and sisters the world over who are facing the bitterness of war, famine, earthquakes, terrorism, hunger, starvation and other dehumanising conditions.

This is a day the people of this world, both Muslims and non-Muslims, should forget about their differences regardless of political ideologies, race, colour or sex, and come together in the spirit of oneness and forgive each other of the sins and wrongs committed in the past, and pray for a better society in the interest and benefit of the human race.

As we observed this day let us not also forget our fallen colleagues who have passed onto the silent land. We should spare a moment of our time and pray for those souls, which have departed before us so that they can rest in eternal peace with Allah’s mercy on them.

Once more, as we observed Eidul – Adha (Tobaski), the Observer wishes everybody many, many more returns of Tobaski.