Tiébélé Celebrates 20th Mantiongogo Potato Festival

Pô – The 20th edition of the Mantiongogo Potato Festival was held on November 11, 2023, in the village of Mantiongogo, Tiébélé commune, Nahouri province. Organized by the local community and the provincial directorate of agriculture, the event was chaired by Auguste Kinda, the High Commissioner of Nahouri province, and attended by local residents and dignitaries.

According to Burkina Information Agency, The festival, celebrating the diversification of agricultural production, particularly potato cultivation, plays a significant role in enhancing the income of the people in Nahouri province and Tiébélé. This year’s edition focused on creating a platform for exchange and sharing of experiences among stakeholders in the agriculture sector, boosting sales opportunities for potatoes and their by-products, and promoting local potato-based dishes.

Speakers at the event recognized the significance of the festival in contributing to food self-sufficiency and supporting the local community’s daily needs. They encouraged farmers to heed the advice of technical services for improved production. SJM Yamine Tangongosse, a project manager at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and High Commissioner Kinda, applauded the organizing committee for their efforts in successfully conducting the event despite resource limitations.

Patrice Tédam, president of the organizing committee, noted that the festival achieved its objectives, highlighting the quality of the products and the enthusiasm of the participants. He expressed hopes for governmental support in institutionalizing the festival. The ceremony also included awards for the best potato producers, and attendees participated in road safety awareness activities, cultural, and sporting events. The customary authorities offered blessings and prayers for the armed forces engaged in national reconquest operations.

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