The Mince Pie Pasty is back on the streets of Exeter

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Who doesn’t love Christmas? More importantly – who doesn’t love pasties?!

Well now Warrens Bakery have moulded the two into something quite Christmastastic! The mince pie pasty – released for the first time last year – is back, but this time it’s joined by a few other festive titbits.

We thought it would be rude not to give the pasty and the gingerbread muffin a try…

What we thought about the mince pie pasty:

Mince pies are one of those things, like Christmas puddings and brandy butter, which we think goes hand-in-hand with the festive time we’re now entering.

But, when we heard that Warrens was compiling a mince pie and custard pasty, our stomachs twisted at the thought. Why ruin something as perfect as a meat and potato pasty?! Nevertheless, we thought we’d at least give it a try.

To our surprise – it’s a bit of alright!

The mince gave off that spicy, traditional twang you associate with winter, and the fruity filling had bite and substance. The custard added a smooth, cooling texture, while, atop the traditional pastry, there was a cinnamon and sugar coating akin to what you’d find on my favourite kinds of patisserie – a Chelsea bun.

This isn’t your standard pasty – you wouldn’t find many people choosing this as a lunchtime treat – but it is a lovely, sweet pastry, suitable for afternoon tea.

Just makes us think, though; what next? A pigs-in-blanket cheesecake?

What we thought about the gingerbread muffin:

Think of the flavours of Christmas and what comes to mind? Sweet cinnamon, spicy clove and warming ginger would be in most people’s top 10.

Warren’s have captured the flavour of the warming festive spices and baked it into a soft and squidgy muffin – and then crowned it with a miniature gingerbread man.

I’m a huge fan of anything spiced, so for me the muffin was always going to be a winner. The warming heat grows and grows until it really packs a punch – so if you like your baked goods delicately flavoured, maybe give this one a miss.

The texture was perfect too, and just what you would expect from a freshly baked muffin – spongy, soft and light. The gingerbread was stuck on top with a little icing, adding a sweet note to the cake.

All in all, Warren’s Christmas muffin gives you a warm and cosy feeling – and that’s really what festive food is all about.


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