Tango sensitises stakeholders on hand washing, Ebola prevention

The Association of Non-Governmental Organisation (Tango), in collaboration with the directorate of Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, last Saturday held a two-day orientation session for civil society organisations (CSO’s) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) on the importance of hand washing, Ebola prevention and control, at a forum held at the Bwiam Lodge in the West Coast Region.

Speaking at the occasion, Tabou Njie-Sarr, training officer at Tango, affirmed that the primary objective of the training was to increase the awareness level of the CSO’s and NGO’s on the importance of hand washing, noting that any meaningful development cannot take place without a healthy society.

She informed stakeholders that The Gambia has made remarkable achievement in its fight against Ebola since the start of the outbreak in the sub-region.

She also stated that since the fight against the contagious Ebola virus started in the country, Tango was not left behind as it was invited to serve in the sub-committees of the National Ebola Task Force, which developed a working plan in order to avoid duplication in the implementation of the plan.

Madam Njie-Sarr however intimated that this is the first time for Tango to be supported by the World Health Organisation, and that the support was made possible through the directorate of Health Promotion and Education of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.

She expressed belief that to create awareness on hand washing would strengthen the knowledge of stakeholders to adopt good health practices and it would also reduce the presence of Non-Communicable Diseases.

The training officer went on to thank the Directorate of Health Promotion for their support to Tango in organising the training session for its partners.

Momodou Njai, the director of Health Promotion and Education at the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, said hand washing is key in the prevention and control of Ebola, acknowledging that NGO’s have actively participated in the fight against Ebola in The Gambia and that Tango as the umbrella body of NGOs in the country has played its part.

While calling on the stakeholders to share the knowledge gained with their communities, Njai affirmed that a lot of sensitisations have been conducted in the area of hand washing and Ebola prevention.

He stated that now the focus should be on behavioural change.