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Agroforestry should play a bigger role in tackling climate change

Never has it been so pressing to address climate change. So let’s hurry to embrace a proven part of the solution. The radical (but not new) concept of agroforestry – be it integrating trees to …

Lift in global economy prompts opportunities to tackle deep-rooted development issues – UN

11 December 2017 &#150 A three per cent upturn in the global economy has paved the way to readjust policy towards longer-term issues, such as addressing climate change, tackling existing inequalities and removing institutional obstacles …

Notice to members – Petition No 0984/2016 by Samuel Martin Sosa (Spanish) on wolves south of the River Duero – PE 604.585v02-00 – Committee on Petitions

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General Assembly: Plenary

Note:  A complete summary of today’s General Assembly meetings will be made available after their conclusion.

Introduction of Draft Resolutions

KATE NEILSON (New Zealand) introduced the draft resolution, “International legally binding instrument under …

World Soil Day: Caring for the Planet Starts from the Ground and Nuclear Techniques can Help

Have you ever thought about soil? Thought about this vast limited resource where your food grows? This finite, non-renewable resource is under threat worldwide. Intensive agricultural practices, pollution and climate change threaten its health and …

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