Storm Angus brought gusts of 74 mph to Exeter and 53 mm of rain

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A storm which included thunder and lightning raged above Exeter and East Devon last night and into the early hours of this morning – bringing with it, gusts of wind up to 74 mph and more than 2 inches of rain.

The Met Office warned the country earlier this week that the first storm of the season – named Angus – would hit the South West on Saturday.

This morning the Exeter-based unit tweeted: “ has now brought 53 mm of rain to Exeter (Devon) with a wind gust of 74 mph being recorded at Guernsey Airport.”

And the effects were felt here in Exeter with reports of localised flooding.

Cars were ‘abandoned’ in some places as water gushed down streets, rising up to three metres deep.

There were further reports of flooding at Exeter Airport and water coming up to the entrance of popular pub Seven Stars.

This morning residents in Exeter are waking up to the aftermath of it all.

So far there are no road closures in the city or wider area and no reports as yet of fallen trees.

However in Plymouth there is reports of a blocked road.

Residents reported a massive “crashing” sound as the tree hit the ground on Paradise Road, near the junction of Fellowes Place.

A police officer at the scene, who was blocking the route, said Highways officers should be on the scene early morning to assess the damage, and to see how best to combat the obstruction.

Amandine King, a resident on Fellowes Place, witnessed the aftermath of the incredible event and described it as an “unbelievable” act of nature.

Sarah Waddington

The 28-year-old said: “I was asleep when I heard a strange cracking noise. I had no idea what it was, so I looked out my top floor window and saw a massive tree, which has been in that park for years and years, lying across the road.

“I reported it, and soon after a police vehicle arrived and since then he has been blocking the road with his flashing lights.

“But there’s not a vehicle blocking it on the other side, near Devonport High School for Boys, so I’m just a bit worried about vehicles coming from that direction.

“Just thank goodness nobody, or any cars, were beneath the tree when it happened.”

Follow the live blog as the storm happened here

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