Statement by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, N. Kotzias, regarding the disclosure of classified materials

I called on the opposition to conduct itself with sobriety, responsibility and seriousness, regarding issues of national interest and legality. It saw all three as a risk to the interests it represents. I reminded the opposition that the law prohibits the disclosure of classified documents, even more so of highly classified documents.

The opposition stated that it considers the law as a hindrance to the pursuit of its goals; that the end justifies the means. I stress that making any such document public enables third parties to obtain elements on the country’s encryption system.

So the key questions are simple: Is the rendering of classified documents to third parties by public servants illegal or not? Is such illegal rendering of documents being driven only by political party aspirations or by personal financial gains as well? In that case, does the opposition support the possibility for public servants to sell state documents to third parties?

It is obvious that the opposition got hold of classified state documents, because someone, who was in legal possession of those documents, gave them to it. And this is the most contemptible way in which party politics impinges upon the state.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic