South African Social Security Agency pleads with social grant beneficiaries to protect their cards and pin codes

South African Social Security Agency would like to plead with social grant beneficiaries to ensure that they protect their payment cards and Pin codes. The Agency has received numerous complains of cases where beneficiaries have lost their cards resulting in their social grant withdrawn fraudulently.

Beneficiaries must note that no person can withdraw their money without their consent, unless provide with a pin code and the card. Sharing pin codes with the untrusted members of families or strangers results in loss of social grants payments and undue hardships. Those who are accessing their social grants at the ATMs must ensure that they observe their surroundings/environment, move away if suspicious, before using an ATM.

Beneficiaries are warned that if an ATM machine is obstructed from their view or poorly lit, they should visit another ATM. They should not ask assistance to strangers, after the transaction is complete they must put cash, card and receipt away immediately. Beneficiaries are discouraged to count money at ATM’s but instead they should count their money in safe place or later, and always keep their receipt safe.

At the merchants beneficiaries must memorise their pin codes and insert cards themselves. Beneficiaries are discouraged to write down their pin as it possess risk should the beneficiary misplace the card. The Agency would like to encourage Old Age Grant beneficiaries to access their social grant at the nearest South African Post Offices.

Social grant beneficiaries must not hesitate to report any fraudulent and corruption cases at any police station nearest to them as soon as possible should they suspect wrong doing.

Working together with beneficiaries SASSA will be able to fight fraud and corruption successfully.

Beneficiaries seeking more information should contact our toll free on 0800 60 10 11 from 08:00 16:00 during week days Monday Friday.

Source: Government of South Africa