JOHANNESBURG– The African National Congress (ANC), South Africa’s ruling party, has released the resolutions adopted by its 54th National Congress and assured those who are hungry for land expropriation without compensation, one of the key resolutions approved, that it will happen in their lifetime.

The governing party adopted a raft of conference resolutions at its 54th national congress in December 2017 and key among these are resolutions on the issue of land, the strengthening of the party’s integrity committee, ANC unity and renewal as well as re-positioning the ANC as a leader of society.

The resolution on expropriation of land without compensation has been affirmed in the National Assembly, the lower chamber of Parliament and while there are doubts among certain quarters if this can be done, the party says it is pushing ahead, but without hurting food security and agricultural production.

However, there was no resolution to align the timing of its national elective conference with national elections to avoid recalling the Head of State as soon as the new ANC president gets elected, which was what happened when President Thabo Mbeki resigned as head of State in 2008 after Jacob Zuma was elected ANC president in 2007 and again when Zuma resigned in February this year after President Cyril Ramaphosa was elected ANC president in December last year.

The party has also re-affirmed that the formation of the ANC Integrity Committee will soon be finalised. It has also discouraged its members from taking the party to court, saying its Dispute Resolution Committee should instead handle the issues.

Meanwhile, the ANC remained mum on its choice for candidate for mayor of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality. The current mayor, from the Democratic Alliance (DA), Athol Trollip is likely to be voted out in a vote of no confidence this week.