CAPE TOWN, Parliament has started the process of interviewing selected candidates to fill 12 positions of a new permanent board for the South African Broadcasting Corporation, which now has an interim board after members of the previous permanent board were asked to resign.

The interviews by the parliamentary Committee on Communications began here Wednesday and will continue until Friday. Twelve candidates out of the 36 shortlisted individuals who are being interviewed will be named to the new permanent board. The candidates include five current Interim Board members.

The first day of the interviews was dominated by issues of editorial policies and the correct funding model of the public broadcaster. The almost 12-hour interview process began in earnest in the morning with members of the Parliamentary Committee appearing to have equipped themselves with the right and relevant questions for the interviews.

Issues of editorial policy and funding model of the public broadcaster dominated the proceedings of the day. Members of the committee had a keen interest in knowing how the candidates will be able to turn things around for good at the SABC.

The interviews come after a process of public comments on the credentials and fitness of candidates. The duration of the current interim board ends in September and the new board will take over immediately, if the process goes according to plan.

One interim board member, John Matisonn, said while the interim board managed under difficult circumstances to improve the affairs of the broadcaster, he believes a lot of work still has to be done by the incoming board. On the issue of political interference in the SABC, Matison emphasised that professionalism in dealing with such issues is the correct thing to do.


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