South Africa: Public Works Awards Bursaries to Deserving Learners in the Built Environment

The Department of Public Works (DPW) has awarded 30 bursaries to deserving learners of the Matric class of 2017. The R3.9m worth of bursaries were awarded to learners interested in studying for careers in the built industry. The learners come from schools across the country, which are participating in the DPW schools programme.

The core function of the schools programme is to develop and nurture scarce skills as part of DPW’s ongoing transformation process of the Built Industry. The bursary programme, was introduced in 2014 and aims to harness scarce skills in the Built industry. To date, it has benefited 258 deserving youth from disadvantaged communities.

The Public Works bursary programme also highlights the Department’s mandate and contribution towards improvement of socio-economic factors such as youth empowerment, poverty alleviation, job creation, women empowerment and monetary relief for disadvantaged communities to enable them to further their studies.

The bursary is valued at R130 000 for each learner per year and it covers tuition, accommodation, meals, textbooks, academic resources and monthly allowance. This translates to a total of R3.9 million invested for 1st year students.

The learners will pursue careers in built or property studies specialising in Engineering (Civil, Structural, Transport, Electrical, Water Care, Mechanical, Chemical and Hydrology); Analytical Chemistry, Construction Management; Quantity Surveying; Architecture; Landscape Architecture; Urban and Regional Planning; Interior Design, Horticulture, Actuarial Science and Property Studies.

To date, 90 bursary recipients have completed their studies and 27 of them currently work for the Department of Public Works doing their internships and being part of the Young professionals Programme. A further 31 students are expected to join the department in 2018 for practical training.

The event also recognised registered Artisans and Professionals who participated in the Artisan Development and Young Professionals Programme. There are 88 Young Professionals who have obtained professional registration since the introduction of the Young Professional Programme in 2007.

53 Artisanss have been successfully registered since the the implementation of the programme in 2015. The trainees have obtained Trade Test Certificates on different trades in the Construction Industry, ie Electricians, Bricklayers, Carpenters and Plumbers.

Source: Department of Public Works