South Africa: Minister Faith Muthambi and Minister Yin Weimin Renew Memorundum of Understanding On Co-Operation

Minister Muthambi and minister Yin Weimin agree to renew the memorundum of understanding on co-operation in the fields of human resource development and public administration, Beijing – China

Public Service and Administration Minister, Hon Faith Muthambi (MP), and China’s Minister of Human Resources and Social Development and Social Security Yin Weimin agreed to continue with the two ministries’ co-operation on matters of common interest, in Beijing.

The two Ministers agreed to revive and strengthen the 2012 memorandum of understanding on co-operation in the fields of human resources development and public administration.

According to Minister Yin Weimin, his Ministry has enjoyed good relations with South Africa’s Ministry for Public Service and Administration, which was affirmed by the signing of the 2012 memorandum of understanding with former Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, and furthered by engagements with late former Minister Collins Chabane. Minster Weiman said he was happy with Minister Muthambi efforts to strengthen the ties through a new memorandum of understanding.

Minister Muthambi congratulated the Communist Party of China on the successful 19th congress which was held recently. Minister Weilmin also wished the governing party in South Africa, the ANC, a sussceful conference to be held next month.

“The Ministry for Public Service and Administration (of South Africa) would like to model its relationship with China in line with its commitment to create an efficient, effective, and development oriented public service, and an empowered, fair and inclusive citizenry. China has achieved good success in recent years eventuated by increased capacity of the state to provide better services” Said Minister Muthambi.

Senior Officials from the two Ministries will establish a solid programme and activities that will result in the exchange of experiences and benchmark on best practices.

The co-operation agreements will focus on, amongst others;

Human resource development

Remuneration and job grading

Employee benefits

Human resource planning, employment practices, and performance management. (With a focus on entrance examinations and discipline management

Workplace environment management.

Muthambi said in order to build and maintain an effective human resource system, it is critical to harness and deploy the best human resource practices in order to get optimal yield from public servants.

She shared with her counterpart, about the recently promulgated legislation, the Public Administration Management Act, which seeks to amongst others, promote the basic values and principles governing public administration.

In accepting Minister Muthambi’s proposal, that the two Ministries renew the memorandum of co-operation, Minister Yin Weimin said that this is happening at the right moment because their ministry is also working hard in improving the skills and quality of public servants.

Minister Weimin said the scope of the new memorandum of understanding should be broadened to explore further areas of co-operation between the two Ministries.

“Our Ministry and our country also subscribe to the principles of putting our people first, which you as South Africans also subcribe to through your Batho Pele Principles, and we believe that skilling of public servants leads to an improvement in service delivery. We therefore agree that the memorandum of agreement on co-operation must be renewed.

In closing, Minister Muthambi declared that once the memorandum is renewed, her Ministry will ensure that it is put into practice for the benefit of the public service.

Minister Muthambi was joined by South Africa’s Ambassador to China Her Excellency Ms Dolana Msimang.

Source: Department of Public Service and Administration