JOHANNESBURG, The Gupta-founded news channel ANN7 will no longer be broadcast on DStv when its contract expires in June next year.

That’s according to an impeccably placed source in the news broadcast industry who does not wish to be named.

Their account was supported by a second source, who also did not want to be named and who would not comment further, but confirmed various meetings where pay-TV market leader MultiChoice and various advisers decided that they would not be renewing the contract of ANN7 when it expires in June next year.

The decision is said to be driven, in part, by concerns over the reputational damage the Gupta-founded news channel is causing the MultiChoice brand.

Other reasons include ethical considerations � driven by views that the channel was biased and promoting a factional agenda in which individuals were being targeted for attack � as well as commercial considerations and concerns about production quality.

They would do it sooner, but don’t want a protracted court case, claimed the source, who said that the decision apparently had to do with more than just the public campaign urging viewers to cancel their DStv subscriptions after news circulated that the pay-TV operator was paying at least R50 million a year for ANN7.