South Africa: Coffin Racist Incident a Shame to Our Society

Congress of the People welcomes the decision made by the Middelburg Magistrate Court to deny bail for the two racists who allegedly forced Victor Mlotshwa into a coffin.

COPE totally agree with the court that these kinds of elements need to be removed from our society.

We are fully aware that this was only their bail application, and that they must still spend their days in court facing the charges. These two accused have to be taught a lesson and made to realize that their actions are very damaging to the country. These horrible and despicable incidents just harden a negative attitude between Blacks and WhitesThere must be no room for any racist or racism in our country.

COPE says we must close the space racists are trying to create in this country. We say racism is a cancer that must be rooted out with all its manifestations.

Congress of the People says this despicable racist coffin incident is not isolated, we are also aware that these horrible things are taking place in many parts of this country where we still find Black people forced to call their employers “Baas and Miesies” and refusing to do that, they are fired from their jobs.

This is hard fact and reality that is still faced by many black people in this country even after the dawn of democracy1994.

We say this is a painful truth that some of our leaders are finding very uncomfortable to talk about COPE believes that it’s the duty of all of us, Black and patriotic Whites to take on this monster of racism, dig a deep hole and bury it forever.

Time is fast running out for us to act. We must never leave this over to the next generation; it will be a dereliction of duty from our side. Ends!

Source: Congress of the People.

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