School of Government on trained Public Service Managers

Public Service Managers trained by the NSG to become Adjust Professors at American University

The National School of Government (NSG) is currently hosting and co-facilitating the Master Train-the-trainer on Foresight, Innovation, and Leadership Programme: Aligning and Building for South Africa. From the 5-12 December, qualifying public servants are going through the first phase of becoming trainers for individuals who would be interested in taking up the programme though the NSG.

The programme is a venture between the NSG; American University, Washington DC and the Institute for Leadership Development in Africa who together developed the programme specifically for the South African landscape.

At this stage, 40 candidates have been screened and accepted to participate in the programme. The cohort comprises of managers from within the National School of Government, Office of the Public Service Commission, Centre for Public Service Innovation, Department of Public Service and Administration, Provincial Academies, and retired senior public servants who are interested in training.

The Program is designed to instill both a mindset and the needed behavioral competencies to enable participants to better address the increasingly complex regional challenges they face in a context where globally, successful governments require the capability to address complex contemporary challenges by negotiating and working with an active citizenry rather than by imposing solutions.

Master Instructors that successfully complete this Certified American University program are eligible to teach the Foresight, Innovation, and Leadership Program: Aligning and Building for South Africa and become Adjunct Professors at any institution accredited by the American University anywhere in the world.

As part of criteria to be in the programme, participants possess at least a Masters Qualification and considerable experience in various forms of capacity development. Upon successful completion in accordance with relevant criteria, including presentations on which they will be evaluated.

The Master Instructors emerging from this training will make it possible for the NSG to deliver the Foresight, Innovation, and Leadership Program regionally and beyond, while also optimising our international partnerships.

Source: Government of South Africa.

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