Sarraf follows up on outcome of Rome Conference in support of army

National Defense Minister, Yacoub Sarraf, met on Thursday with director of North Africa and the Middle East at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JerAme Bonnafont, accompanied by French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher.

Talks reportedly touched on the best means to boost bilateral relations between both countries, as well as the means to swiftly implement the outcome of Rome Conference in support of the Lebanese army and security forces.

Discussions also featured high on the situation in Lebanon and the region, particularly the question of refugees, and the negative repercussions of their presence on the situation in Lebanon. Both sides saw eye-to-eye on the pressing need to urgently find a radical solution to the crisis.

Bonnafont stressed France’s stance alongside Lebanon, noting the efforts and achievements made by the Lebanese army in the face of the regional crisis.

Source: National News Agency