Sami Gemayel, France’s Bonnafont tackle formation of new government

Kataeb” party leader, MP Sami Gemayel, met on Thursday, Director of North Africa and the Middle East at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, JerAme Bonnafont, accompanied by French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Foucher.

The meeting had been an occasion to assess the electoral process that took place in Lebanon, and which has given birth to a new parliament. The pair also engaged in talks pertaining to the next constitutional deadlines, including the formation of the new government.

For his part, Bonnafont stressed the importance of the implementation of reforms undertaken by the Lebanese Government to donor countries at Rome Conference, which emphasizes support to the Lebanese army and the exclusivity of arms in the hands of the Lebanese state.

Finally, discussions focused on the regional and international developments, on the importance of strengthening the situation in Lebanon facing the impact of current events in neighbouring countries, as well as on the Syrian refugee case in Lebanon.

Source: National News Agency