Robert Shimooshili Elected President of Namibia Football Association

Windhoek – The Namibia Football Association (NFA) has elected Robert Shimooshili, Chairperson of Blue Waters Sports Club and the Namibia Premier Football League, as its new president. This decision was made at the NFA’s 32nd Ordinary Elective Congress held on Friday.

According to Namibia Press Agency (NAMPA), Shimooshili secured his position by winning 19 votes, surpassing his rival Patrick Kauta, who received 15 votes. The congress was attended by 78 delegates, with 34 eligible to vote for the new Executive Committee (Exco), responsible for overseeing football in Namibia for the next four years.

Namibian football has faced challenges in recent years, including infighting that led to a near three-year standstill in the sport. As a result, the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) Normalisation Committee administrated the sport in the country for the past two years. Shimooshili, in his acceptance speech, assured the football community that the new committee is committed to unity and taking the game further, with tolerance being a primary objective. He emphasized that action would be prioritized over mere words and promised an end to internal conflicts within the sport.

Emma Kantema-Gaomas, Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Service, addressed the new executives, urging them to execute their duties with diligence and avoid interfering in administrative affairs. She highlighted the importance of distinguishing the roles of executives from administrators to prevent conflicts.

Patrick Kauta, in his concession speech, extended his best wishes to the new leadership and declared his decision not to run in any future NFA elections. He expressed his hope that the newly elected team would manage football in the best interests of the game.

The new NFA Executive Committee comprises Shimooshili as president, Murs Markus as vice-president, and members Laurance Kandundu, Joseph Hailombe, Precious Chaka, Rafael Kamuyoyo, Egidius Nambara, Michael Situde, and Monica Shapwa, the incumbent chairperson of the NFA women’s football association.

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