Remarks by President Trump Before Operational Briefing at Camp Humphreys

Camp Humphreys
Republic of Korea

1:53 P.M. KST

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  I just want to thank General Brooks and everybody that is working with us so hard on the situation in South Korea.  Terrific people.  
I had a choice of having a beautiful, very fancy lunch, and I said, no, I want to eat with the troops.  And we ate with the troops.  And it was good eating.  It was good eating.  And I tell you, they’ve done a terrific job.  Very impressive.
And we have a very strong schedule today and, actually, for the next nine days.  As you know, we just got back from Japan where we had a very successful two days.  Today will be pretty busy and tomorrow also.  And then we head to China.  And I look forward to that.
There’s great cooperation.  We have a terrific meeting scheduled on trade in a little while with President Moon and his representatives.  And we will — hopefully, that will start working out, and working out so that we create lots of jobs in the United States, which is one the reasons — one of the very important reasons I’m here.
In addition to that, we’ll be meeting with the various generals — General Brooks and the various generals — about the situation in North Korea.  And I think we’re going to have lots of good answers for you over a period of time, and ultimately it will all work out.  Because it always works out — has to work out.  
So I want to thank you all for being here.  We appreciate it.  Thank you very much.  We’re going to see you in a little while.  And I think about 4:30, we’re going to be separately meeting with you.
But we appreciate it.  I hope you had a good flight here.  Many of you were on the flight with me, so I know it was pretty good.  And I think you’re probably just as impressed as I am.  This is a very impressive group of people, beyond facilities — people.  These are very impressive people.
So, General, thank you very much.  Appreciate it.  Thank you.


                          1:55 P.M. KST