Readers reject former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s second Brexit chance plea

Readers have had their say after former Prime Minister Tony Blair suggested voters must be given the chance to change their minds on the Brexit vote.

Mr Blair said people need to be allowed to give their views on any divorce deal with the EU – either through a referendum, or general election.

Tony Blair told Remain voters that they are now the insurgents.

He said: “There is absolutely no reason why we should close off any options. You can’t change this decision, unless it becomes clear in one way or another, that the British people have had a change of mind because they have seen the reality of the alternative.

“We are entitled to carry on scrutinising, and, yes, if necessary, to change our minds, because it seems sensible to us to do so.

“This is not about an elite over-ruling the people.”

He added: “If it becomes clear that this is either a deal that doesn’t make it worth our while leaving, or, alternatively, a deal that is going to be so serious in its implications that people decide they don’t want to go, there’s got to be some way – either through parliament, an election, or possibly another referendum, in which people express their view.”

Readers weren’t so keen with the former Labour premier’s views.

Paul Rogers wrote: “Live with what the people voted for. It was a democratic vote.”

Andrew Morris posted: “Can we have a chance to change our minds after a general election?

Steve Smigs Smith added: “The reason for a vote is just that. To see what the majority want.

“If they give a second vote its just making a mockery of our democratic system. It will end up at general elections and any other subject that needs voting on, to be turned into a playground act.

“When I was little, you played pigeon toss. When you lost, the first thing you did was say ‘best out of three’. Then when you lost that you said ‘best out of five’. Then when you lost again, it was double or nothing.”

Mary Rutherford added: “Tony Blair should keep his opinions to himself considering the state he got the country in.

“The vote was too come out and that‘s the way it stays. We have our country back.

Ned Barton asked: “Why? Do we get a second vote at an election if our side doesn’t win. Where does it stop?

David Barber quipped: “You’re having a laugh.

“He’ll be doing stand up at the Customs House next,

“South Shields is probably the only place he’d have a following.”

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