Qaouq: Defeating Nusra/ISIL's project is strategically necessary

NNA – Defeating Nusra/ISIL project is strategically necessary to our party, senior Hezbollah official cleric Nabil Qaouq, stated during a ceremony in honour of a slain member in the South Lebanese locality of Qabreekha today.

At the time when Europe recognized Nusra/ISIL’s threat befalling them, how about us being at a stone’s throw from them, Qaouq exclaimed. Hence it follows that holding firm to the golden party, army and people’s trio provides a guarantee against Nusra/ISIL/Saudi expansion towards Lebanon, he added.

Accusing Saudi Arabia of laying siege to Nubbol and Zahra with his party ultimately succeeding in lifting the siege, Qaouq went on to say that the Saudis have left Gaza and Palestine to their fate in order to wage wars against Yemen, Iraq, Bahrain and arm Nusra/ISIL inside Syria.

Iranian and Hezbollah’s defence of the faithful in Syria is largely an expression of Abbas’s heroism and a genuine belief in Prophet Muhammad’s family, Qaouq concluded.