Public Works on refurbishing of Dr JL Dube House

The Department of Public Works Is Refurbishing Dr JL Dube House

The Department of Public Works is currently undertaking major renovations of the Dr JL Dube Presidential Residence in Durban. The Residence is a heritage building, which was first occupied in 1904 and has 7 buildings.

The current renovations started in February 2018. These have been necessitated by the storms that ravaged Durban in 2016. Comprehensive investigations and feasibility studies had to be done for the project to be registered. Also in order to ensure that the heritage aspect of the facility were not compromised, the Heritage Council in KZN (Amafa) was approached for inputs and approvals of the proposed repairs.

The investigation also found that more extensive repairs needed to be carried out. Wood borer infestation was also found and had to be addressed.

The current major renovations that the department is undertaking are:

Roof repairs to the main house

Repairs and renovations to the House Keeper’s Flat

Repairs and renovations to the guest house

Repairs and renovations, including the replacement of the roof to the House Manager’s house

Upgrading of security installations (cameras and scanner)

The work is expected to take eight months to complete at a cost of R12,7 million.

It must be noted that Dr JL Dube House is heritage site, boasting well over 100 years of rich history. Therefore whatever is renovated or replaced will have to be restored to its original state by a competent specialist contractor with proven past experience in heritage facilities.

Source: Government of South Africa