President Jammeh’s achievements are manifested in our daily life -Lower Badibu NAM

The Lower Badibu constituency National Assembly member, who doubles as the APRC desk officer for North Bank Region, has affirmed that the President, His Excellency Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr. Yahya Jammeh Babili Mansa’s achievements are manifested in our daily life, “because everybody enjoys the benefits of his unprecedented achievements in the country”.

Hon. Ablie Suku Singhateh, who is also the leader of the Gambian parliamentarians to the sub-regional ECOWAS parliament, was speaking in a Daily Observer interview over the weekend at his Old Jeshwang residence.

Hon. Singhateh spoke well about the remarkable successes registered by President Jammeh since 1994, saying Gambians and non-Gambians have something to celebrate under President Jammeh’s regime because the economy has grown well alongside wonderful achievements in key sectors like agriculture, infrastructure, education, health and tourism, among others.

The Lower Badibu representative expressed confidence that the Gambian leader will achieve his Vision 2016 food self-sufficiency initiative and other projects and programmes to boost national agricultural productivity in the country.

He commended him for his wise decision in releasing over 300 prisoners who were serving various jail terms. “Releasing that large number of prisoners was a sign of deepening real reconciliation among Gambians and I am extending my hand of fellowship to him,” Hon. Singhateh stated.

He said the President has proven to the world that Gambians are one people who have embraced democracy and that it is the unity, stability and progress of our dear country that His Excellency is embracing.

The Ecowas parliamentarian therefore called on the said prisoners, their family members and friends to reaffirm their commitment and loyalty to the President, his Government and the people of The Gambia in order to bring about more meaningful and sustainable development in the country.

Thus, he said, this is the type of president that Gambians have been yearning for “and with this type of leader, Gambia will surely be able to build and move to a higher level”. He went on: “I feel elated working under President Jammeh’s Government in order to serve my own people in Lower Badibu to their best interest and the interest of the country in general,” Hon. Ablie Suku Singhateh concluded.