Premier ChupuMathabatha delivers keynote address at Women’s Day celebrations in Limpopo, 9 Aug

The Premier of Limpopo Province, MrChupu Stanley Mathabatha will deliver a keynote address at the Limpopo Women’s Day celebrations on the 9th of August 2018 at Tibane Stadium, Polokwane Municipality, Capricorn District. The theme of this year’s Women’s Day is 100 Years of AlbertinaSisulu: Women of Fortitude, Women Unite in Moving South Africa Forward.

On 9th August 1956, over 20 000 women of all races and ages from every corner of South Africa marched together towards the Union Buildings in Pretoria. These brave women were marching in protest against the pass laws that proposed even further restrictions on the movements of women. Organised by the Federation of South African Women, the March was led by four brave women; Helen Joseph, RahimaMoosa, Sophie Williams and LilianNgoyi. The leaders delivered petitions to the then Prime Minister JG Strijdom’s office in Union Buildings, Pretoria with resounding success. Today, we celebrate women all over the country on this auspicious day thanks to the powerful women that took a stand for future generations of women in South Africa.

These celebrations commence following the launch of women’s month by the Provincial Government on the 1st August. MEC of Public Works, Roads and Infrastructure, Ms Nandi Ndalane unpacked the entire Women’s Month activities that will be taking place thought-out the province during August.

Source: Government of South Africa